Giving Children A Head Start!

A Course in Miracles, Children’s Edition

A line-by-line reiteration & interpretation catering to the young minds of children.

EVERY chapter, EVERY lessons, and EVERY question broken down into clear gentle simplifications.

 Hard concepts made easy.

Made with ages 4-9 in mind, but enjoyed by the whole family.

✓ Shocking adults with the simplicity of its clarity.

✓ Assisting adults in teaching what seems like fantastic ideas.

 Hard concepts now made easy.

Do A Course in Miracles With Your Child This Year!

Introduction To "A Course in Miracles, Children's Edition":

Hey there, little friend! Have you ever heard of  "A Course in Miracles"? It might sound a bit unusual, but don't worry; we're going to make it super easy to understand! It is actually what you are hear to learn in life.

It's kinda like going to a magical school, but everyone has to go to it, but you get to choose when you want to learn it. That's what "voluntary" means – you decide when it's the right time for you. But your always be at the school because that’s what the world is.

Here's the fun part: you don't get to decide what you'll learn here. Nope, that's already been set. But you do get to pick which lessons you want to learn at any given time. It's like choosing your favorite ice cream flavor – you have options!

Now the super-duper important thing is: This school isn't about teaching you what love is because real love is actually a big, amazing thing that's kinda hard to explain. Instead, it's all about helping you know how to find and feel that love already inside yourself.

You know how sometimes you might feel scared or worried? Well, this school wants to help you get rid of those feelings. Fear is like the opposite of love, but love is so big and awesome that it actually doesn't have an opposite.

So, here's a mystical phrase which describes what this course teaches:

“Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the Peace of "God".”

Do you know what that means? This phrase is like a secret code for finding happiness and feeling loved and we are going to learn how to crack it. In a way it means that all the good and real stuff in life can't be hurt or taken away, and all the not-so-good stuff doesn't really matter. Isn't that cool?

It might help if we phrase it a bit more like this:

Nothing real about you can be hurt or broken.

Anything that can be is not real and can be let go of.

This understanding is the key to being happy and at peace all the time.

So, I hope you are excited my young friend, this course is like your guide to discovering the amazing power of love and finding perfect and complete peace inside yourself. Like a treasure hunt for happiness, and you get to pick the path that works best for you. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Keep being your wonderful self, and here you will discover that love is always with you, making you feel safe and happy. Now, let us begin this journey of spreading love and miracles in the world!  

Planting the seed, one child at a time.

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