Trouble Viewing Lessons?

For the “Discourse", you must be signed into [Free] Udemy on the respected browser or app and enrolled in the specific part in which the current lesson is contained. If you are signed in and enrolled the link will open directly to the lessons video discourse. If you are not enrolled in the specific part of the twelve parts, it will open to the cover page giving you the option to enroll. If you are a supporting member here you should receive the access code of the month allotted. One Udemy account only needs to enroll ones, and then it has life-time access to it, you should never be required to enroll again. “A Course in Miracles, Experience”s Lowest price is garenteed On This Page Arrangements for free-enrollment can be made if you communicate your needs.

Direct Link to the Discourse page:

See introduction page on this site for free-enrollment options.

For the "Recap", you only need an internet connection. An account is not required to watch, however, if you wanted to respond with your lesson reading, take, opinion or ask a question you are welcome and encouraged todo so, of which you are required to have an account and the app downloaded to a compatible device. It is easy and all free.

For the Audio recordings please make sure the volume is up on your device. These files are hosted and provided publicly by the Foundation for Inner Peace @ Their playability entirely depend on your device. It may start automatically with a player or it might immediately download. Look through the download files to see if that is whatit has been doing.

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