Each session is an extremely unique journey to the individual and includes a variety of modalities as needed.  While Conscious Spirit-Coaching will tremendously expedite your spiritual journey, it is very engaging and is often perceived as chaotic, unusual and random. Even while it is often gentle and respectful, for those extremely resistant to recognizing unity, it is often perceived as cruel, antagonizing, emotionally painful and/or personally disrespectful. We would love to say this is for everyone, however THIS IS NOT LIKLY TO BE FOR YOU. Spirit-Coaching is ONLY for those who are actually serious about awakening and experiencing beyond the world they know. To best explain what is being attempted, your True-Self is just on the other side of your walls of normality. We will be demolishing them as quickly as YOU are willing. We are your guides through this dark-muck of the confusing and frustrating labyrinth of your mind, that keeps you from peace-of-mind and remembering the entirety of God. While intellectual words may appear to be most apparent, each and every dimension of our beings will be used and explored. The blocks and obstacles that you experience as real will be properly acknowledged and dealt with for best results. If you want them to come back, is up to you.

It is not unusual to experience a variety of ALL emotions, dramatically changing from one instant to another, with bursts or losses of energy or feeling. It is not unusual to experience spontaneous physical releases, such as muscle spasm, twitching, rage or seizures. It is not unusual to experience strange mental phenomenon such as altering or changing of belief systems, changing ones reality and religion, confusion, disorientation, hallucinations, fainting, or gaining new sensations. It is not unusual to experience healings, weight loss or gain, loss of person-hood, or restoration of lost senses. It is not unusual to experience a sense of transcendence, spiritual realizations, divine revelations, soul visitations, ego elimination, energetic evolution, time altering and a multitude of unexplainable, undefinable metaphysical and paranormal experiences.  It is not unusual to experience alternative states of mind, changing or reversal of physical laws or properties, rearranging or comprehending of elements, “mythical” creatures or multidimensional transfigurations.

Each session may or may not be in-doors, may or may not involve all kinds of physical contact, physical exercise, emotional penetration, deep seeded confessions or exposure of very personal information. Each session may or may not involve, nor be limited to, modalities similar to Massage Therapy, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Crystal Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral, Kinesiology, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Russian Massage, Structural Bodywork & alinement, Injury Massage, Spiritual Counseling, Medical Intuition, Positive Affirmation Assistance, Therapeutic Touch, Transcendental touch, Thought-Adjusting, Reiki Healing, Emotional Up-Rooting, ho’opono’ono, Theta Brain-Wave Healing, Hypnosis, Energy Balancing & Enhancing, Energy Clearing of buildings and a many other types of work that are unnamed, undefined and unexplainable. Each session may or may not involve, nor be limited to, meditation techniques similar to kundalini awakening, transcendental, Silencing the Mind, Experiencing 'Oneness’, Angel Communion, Previous & future Life Recognition, Contracts and Commitments, Totem Balancing & Transfer, Spiritual Guide Communion, Spiritual Traveling, Vipassana, Ana-Pona, Geranga, Energy Guidance and many other unnamed nor defined techniques.

Each session may or may not involve, nor be limited to, Mental exercises that deliberately induce senses of confusion, thoughts of restlessness, misunderstandings and emotional reactions. You may or may not be encouraged to; stretch your boundaries, brake out of conformity, do things your afraid of, break out of your box, be someone different, say and do things you may or may not believe in, talk or work with others in a different way.

Every session is directed by you, your spirit guide(s), multidimensional beings and multiple dimensional versions and levels of yourself. Everything that is done and takes place in a session is directed by you consciously or subconsciously, NOTHING is done to you, that you do not agree with or outwardly disapprove of. HOWEVER: YOU ARE UNDER THE DIRECTION OF A TRAINED SHAMANIC PROFESSIONAL AND WILL BE MOTIVATED TO EXCEED YOUR COMFORT ZONE!

BE FOREWARNED: While it is likely that you find your coach to have many positive attributes it is necessary to recognize that you will at some point perceive your coach to be any of the following: egotistical, threatening, arrogant, rude, abusive, blunt, impolite, discouraging, misunderstanding, disconcerting, inconsiderate, reckless, dominating, depressing, deceiving, hypocritical, aggressive, manipulative, oppressive, stubborn, impatient and any/all unfavorably ego structured characteristics. Accepting these possibilities is necessary and completely expected, we must call out the darkness to recognize the light there. You will then believe it is in your best interest to give up on your progress to these spiritual experience, yet please understand, to experience the other-side of “death” on a consciously aware level, you must have the willings to “die”, regardless if it is actually going to occur or not. The relaxation that come from your full willingness, while you are resistant, will induce greater progression then any belief system you have. It is normal that your coach will often seem threatening, the ego recognizes it’s own demise is at hand. PLEASE Keep going, your in good hands and are closer then you realize. To make this understanding easer; if you do not repeatedly feel something, those either positive or negative, we have not done our job correctly.

It is easy to forget, and believe that your coach is a fantastic/transcendent being, however do not forget that your Coach is a human being, on one level or another and has a unique way of speaking and teaching. It is a common occurrence to experience beyond this body and forget that your coach is something special, while in one degree this is true, acknowledge now that your coach is exactly as you see yourself. While this seems like an unusual idea, your coach is a reflector and does not have a self, that in not exactly as you are. like a mirror. While they take a higher perspective, the honesty that this coaching requires is designed to go beyond any idea of spirituality that you have understood or used before. THIS IS A JOURNEY NOT A DOGMA.

BE INFORMED: This guidance requires participation from both parties, while it may seem differently; your coach is walking the path that you are. They have left the world, and have returned into it to assist you out of it. They take on the responsibility to journey with you to awakening, including taking on your perceptions, pains, beliefs and process through the same healing & transformational process you are. YOU DO NOT DO THIS ALONE. Your coach is an embodiment of the wholly spirit and walks with you unto the first-hand experiences of heaven. Your coach is willing to die to get you there, and you will both recognize it is worth it.

RECOGNIZE: It is common that trained shamans use natural herbs to induce spiritual and psychedelic experiences. while this option is not condemned it is not required of born shamans to use any products of ingestion to induce the spiritual recognition. While every substance can/may be used to assist in the process, your coach does not require the service of substance. YOUR COACH IS A NATURALLY BORN AND TRAINED SHAMAN. The only thing required is your commitment and diligence, you can only reach as far as you are willing to go. Please express if you have a desire to use support of herbs and/or remedies. By the natural abilities of your coach you will get out of it TWICE as much as your willing to put in.

BE INFORMED: Phone-sessions are very limited and make a great addition to regular sessions, while there can be a lot done, there are many levels that are disregarded by the mind as it is only on a vocal communication level, and often falls on intellectual questions and answers. However you will recognize that our connection is not limited by distance, on a variety of energetic and consciousness dimensional levels. We understand that because of distance, it is not always possible to have sessions in person, we are glad to be able to offer this service for those at a distance. 

BE FOREWARNED:  ALL PHONE SESSIONS ARE RECORDEDfor our future reference and your personal use. The collection is available as a package at the end of each agreed package or as often as you request for them. Scheduled sessions will be available within a unique ‘google-drive’ folder. Spontaneous calls are done so with the ‘TapeACall’ iPhone application. You will not always be reminded that the session is being recorded, nor will there be any kind of beep throughout the call. However the session is always kept confidential till recorded consent of disclosure is given.

IMPORTANT: If you have agreed for our phone sessions to be made PUBLIC you are agreeing to be vulnerable on a recording that will continue to be available for everyone on Open and Clear’s webpage and other podcast provider websites such as Talkshoe, ITunes, Google-play, iHeart-Radio, Spotify and Spreaker. Often this can intensify your emotional reaction, This Coaching can be very engaging and while their will be some limitations by the use of the phone it can still be perceived as embarrassing, and you may change your mind. Each session can be made private by agreement at the end of recording and a respected payment is made within 24 hours.

REMEMBER: While this is coaching you may not always understand the reason for the direction it seems to take. It may not always seem like coaching, you will not always follow the process of what is occurring, nor will it always make sense or be logical. This is not a large conspiracy against you, all you need to concern yourself with is the immediate session. While it may include counsel, this is not counseling. While it may include mental and emotional investigation, this is not a psychological  or emotional therapy. While your coach is highly trained in a multitude of modalities, in no way are they considered anything but a “Conscious Spirit-Coach”.

UNDERSTAND: YOUR PROGRESS IS BASED OFF OF YOUR DETERMINATION AND WILLINGNESS TO OPEN AND APPLY. It is not based on your coach ability, nor their availability for emergency contact support. Your coach is a professional and knows what they are doing regardless if you understand. IT IS ACCEPTABLE TO “BLOW UP” AND EXPRESS EMOTIONALLY TO/AT YOUR COACH. We seek to have any degree of spiritual or mental realization every session. Your coach meets you energetically where you are at, then attempts to transform your habitual patterns that normally maintain your repetitive manifestation patterns. The resistant mind will perceive this as a threat and believe it knows what would be better for it’s success, TRUST YOUR COACH MORE THEN YOURSELF, at this point in time. To continue, is where the greatest transformation happens. It is common in society to assume this is a point to leave the guidance of your coach prematurely, however if you continue you will benefit more then you did each day you have previously. IF EMOTIONS STOP YOU, YOU ARE YET WILLING ENOUGH TO AWAKEN.

- - -

Large Packages must be paid in full, however after the initial session, you may upgrade or be refunded the additional amount excluding an individual payment session ($99 or $33;Phone session). The larger the package upfront, the better the deal. Every session can be put on hold up to five years. The amount of sessions each month is up to you, and scheduling. You may only be refunded the cost of an individual payment session if you cancel previous to 24 hours of appointment, rescheduling is possible up to 2 hours previously to the originally scheduled time, if you were unable to make it, you can be refunded 50%. Scheduling of appointments will be made after initial payment is received. We reserve 72 hours previous to your payment to accept you as our client, if you are not accepted you will be refunded in the full amount received, excluding processing fees. We are not obligated to give a reason or explanation.

By ordering this service you do acknowledge that there is no certifications or legal licensing for “Conscious Spirit-Coaching”. Therefore as a trade of service, I surrender my rights to hold my Coach to any legal standard, as if there was and legally acknowledge my coach as a Reverend.  We do everything we can to hold to the commitments of trade and follow through as agreed.

Financial leniency & assistance is available for those who communicate their needs.

        I AGREE & UNDERSTAND THIS INFORMATION.Concscious_Spirit-Coaching.html

Conscious Spirit-Coaching


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Acknowledgment & Agreement:

This Agreement is simply for the protection of all parties involved and has not covert or arbitrary intention.