I was in a position in my life where I didn't agree with people charging money for spiritual event and courses. Mostly because I was on a quests which included voluntary poverty. Yet I was extremely dedicated to this Awakening/Ascension process I found other ways to participate. You could be in a numerous of positions and periods of your life that you may not be able to afford the upfront cost. So I ask you, Are you really dedicated? Do you want this above all else? Then through communication, we can find a better way...

This is more about You, than the money.
~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne
Are You Serious about This Course?
Would You like to get access to it, for less?
PLEASE CONSIDER: Each 30 days segment, is a one-time-payment which you have access for life and can go at your own pace before starting the next month. Each consist of 40-50 hours of material, total value over $6,000.

Discount by Donation
   You will be granted access to the entire 365 day course in exchange of a one time donation of $888.88 or more. 
or if you already have Part-One; $818.81.
(Given as each part become available. - Discount not available after purchase of Part-Two)

    If you can only handle a monthly installment, you will be granted the same access to a month part for each donation of $88.88 or more. 

    Those currently participating in “Conscious Spirit-Coaching” will be granted access to a month part for each donation of $77.77 or more, or $777.77 for the entire course. 

Donations are accepted through PayPal, Venmo, ApplePay or Check. Reference to this course in the notes of your donation along with your full name and EMail. You will be contacted within 48 hours with a free access coupon-code.


Trade of Services Options

If it interests you to access each month for $44.44
We are accepting applications for a weekly trade agreement.  

- If it interests you to access each month for $22.22
We are accepting applications for a short daily trade agreement. 

- If you are truly dedicated and you honestly can not afford even this discount, please look at the trade of services and communicate your needs and issues in the application process. These discounts are not provided to those not willing to give any services in return.

This involves a simple application process. You can bring any services to the table, however the acceptance for 
them as sufficient trade is up for negotiation. 
(List of trade suggestions & trade-of service application: HERE)